W Challenge

Recently Warehouse Express had a contest for pictures containing any representation of the letter W. Sometimes, when I’m in the right mood and not busy with something else, I find this type of tasks fun. This contest came in such a period, so I took a couple of hours to fool around with some lenses and flashlights. Starting off with the fact that the shop deals with photographic equipment, and presuming that they want the pictures to use them in marketing their brand, I decided to incorporate the equipment in the images. Not very innovative, I know, but from experience I’ve found that very conceptual, abstract pictures are not that well received in such contests.┬áSo, enough blurb, there they are:

For the first one I decided to include my MPP, which perhaps served me quite badly, as more and more people fail to recognise it as a camera these days. The W halo was acheived by cutting a W mask out of black cardboard, taping it on the ground glass, and illuminating it with a flashlight.

The second picture is pretty self-explanatory, I cut a W mask into some black cardboard, stacked it with a white sheet of paper and used a small flashlight to illuminate it.

These didn’t win any prizes, but were good practice, I hadn’t shot anything similar recently. As an added bonus, W is just an inverted M, so I can easily use them for logos for Metodiev something, sometime..maybe.

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